Muunship - Cup and Handle Break-Out trading BOTS Assist, For Zignaly, 3Commas, and Cryptohopper

The strategy is based on Cup and Handle Methodology. In theory, when prices make a rising higher high on a downtrend or on an uptrend, the coin should makes a bullish continuation pattern, zignaly.

This strategy requires patience and time. It also requires that you watch the coins it trades. Trades on a major EXTENDED uptrend, you will want to blacklist those coins as the coin could have reached exhaustion.

Muunship - Buying BOT Assist

The strategy is based on Darvas Box Trading Methodology. In theory, when price breaks a resistance/ceiling, it should move higher if the coin is in an uptrend. The aim of the crypto trading bots is to buy above resistance. It also aim to trade in a descending hedge pattern. 

Keeping high profit targets with either trail stops or stop loss should be activated.

Muunship - QFL Base Trader - BOT assist

The strategy is based on QFL Methodology. In theory, when price breaks a support/base level price should return to support/base.

These signals enable traders assist in making trades when they are away from the markets. This is not a set and forget signal. It is simply used as a tool in helping layer down on multiple coins when bases are broken.

Traders should pick their favorite trading coins and enter in the white list, after cloning. We recommend traders do not pick coins that have very little history or they have not traded before. Also choose a currency pair that you are familiar with.

These signals will send out base signals, All of the layering can be chosen by the user based on coin selection, risk tolerance, amount of layers, and most important Market Conditions. When BTC is rising, be very careful.

This signal uses a very conservative method to find Base Layers. It will AVOID trading bases on big spikes in coins. But after a big spike has formed a base, then is a great time to turn on signal for that particular coin.

Muunship - Fat Finger

This trading BOT will attempt to capture Fat Finger trades. Fat Finger trades are when there is a sharp decline in a Coin in a very short period of time. Be careful as such trade can be either because of a large sell order or BAD NEWS. It is best to white list coins that you are familiar with or confident in their project.

Dynamic Position Builder and Dynamic Grid Trade for Zignaly and 3commas

Dynamic Grid Bot ASSIST, uses technical analysis to build grids. It uses Darvis Box theory to formulate grids. After grids are formed and confirmed, the system starts to trade and makes small profits.

How are the grids formed?

To visually see the Grids. Use the Muunship Charting app on

But first, watch these videos to understand how a Darvis Box is formed.

Here is how you can add the Darvis Box Trading Indicator on the Muunship Charting app. This app is also available on iOS, Ipad, and all Android Devices. Below are instructions on how to add the Darvis Box Trading indicator on the Desktop App.

Adding The Tradingview Script Indicator

Adding the Tradingview Box Indicator
Drawing the Box Indicator on the chart

This is what the Box Indicators will look like. It will automatically Draw Support and Resistance Levels.

QFL Base Scanner

Here is an example of a bot for ETH pairs. Remember to always look at the history of the pairs and then add them to the Dynamic Grid Bot