Ultimate Tool for Professionals

Not All Traders are the same and neither are their preferences. Our application lets you set up your working environment to the best one.

Everything That You Need in One App

Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange Trading Software.
Every order you place is routed directly to the exchange in an instant.

Build your command center

Powerful free form layout let’s you see everything in an Instant.

Personalize your trading window with the click of button.

Fully Customizable Layouts

Have every chart and order-book open for instant trading. Smooth scrolling makes trading easier than ever before to view everything from free stock charts to comprehensive free bitcoin chart.

Autosaved layouts make it quick and easy to master your trading information.

Chart-Focused Trading

Instantly select the price by clicking anywhere on the chart’s Y-axis.

Never waste time with an exchange’s specific rules again: let the software do everything for you. Submit any order in only 2 clicks so you never have to chase the market again.

Streamline Your Trading

Link your widgets with colors to create a personalized intuitive layout.Login anywhere, anytime, and make money with the click of a button.

Powerful Advanced Features

Custom widgets allow you to take trading insights to the next level so that you never miss out on free coin alerts again.

Multiple Accounts

Use the same exchange to trade multiple accounts as you minimize risk the smarter way.